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The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented conditions that permeate all areas of human activity, including travel experiences.

The need for all of us to be safe making the least possible compromises, while experiencing authentic life moments to the full, is like trying to square the circle.

However, no matter how impossible this may seem at present, choosing the right destination and a provider who acts responsibly, shows flexibility and manages to adapt to the new normal can not only be successful but also prove an unforgettable experience.

With this second video, Joysters continue their discussions with their partners in order to highlight the fact that there will always be safe options even in the most difficult of circumstances. The discussion was recorded using Zoom software, with each speaker in the safety of their homes.

In this video we talk with Laurens Karanikas-Hartman, founder and oenologist of Domaine Karanika located in the Amyntaio area.




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