Specialised travel professionals from 7 different countries visit Our Part of the World on a familiarization trip

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Joysters, in cooperation with Philoxenia and the Western Macedonia Region department of Tourism, organised a Fam Trip in the unexplored Western Macedonia, Northern Greece for specialised Travel professionals between 11th – 14th November 2018.

The Fam Trip programme gave the Travel Professionals the chance to get acquainted with some of the region’s best kept secrets.

On day one, they visited “The lake’s Byzantine Princess”, Kastoria and got a taste of its 9th century Byzantine monuments and its impressive lakeside mansions.

On day two, our guests were toured in Nymfaio, a protected traditional settlement at a breathtaking location and shown Arcturos sanctuary, where they marvelled at brown bears protected in forested enclosures. Later in the day, the group arrived in Prespa Lakes, the highest tectonic lakes in the Balkans, to witness the paradise for migratory birds that it is.

On day three, they visited the area of Grevena. They got on off-road vehicles and explored the forested mountainous area. During their exploration, they saw bear tracks, learnt to identify mushrooms and tasted wild berries.

Such a trip wouldn’t be complete without tasting the exquisite local delicacies and our guests did exactly that.

The seven travel professionals were overwhelmed by nature’s beauty and the authenticity of the locals and their world. They also praised Joyster’s professionalism and level of service and were left ecstatic with the quality (sometimes with the quantity also) of the local food and wine.

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